Re-Think: Yelllow Mad Electro Soul | 14thLANE

Re-think dining in a architectural gem along the city’s first tramlines.

Re-connect with electro music and the vibes that will complete your food and drinks experience. Let a new exciting venue in town inspire you and your friends.

You don’t want to miss this ride!

Sound will be provided by Yelllow, starting 8PM.

Yelllow is electro-pop madness with a cherry on top, compressed into a super-band that consists of Andi (keyboard, samples & FX), Luiza (vocals), Radu (bass) and Alex (drums), a fusion of two opposing concepts, yell (digital, sharpness) and low (bass, down tempo), and also the bright, optimistic, happy, dynamic sound of the colour we represent.

The band is located as genre somewhere in the range of electronic music (includes dozens of stylistic fusions from danceable grooves to music like chillout and other areas), trip-hop, experimental, pop, alternative.

Book your table at: 0727 677 777

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